Watch Motherwell FC’s poignant anti-suicide Christmas message

Motherwell FC released a Christmas video with a difference this year - in a move that has the potential to save lives.

Club supremo Alan Burrows had this message: “If you get a chance, please have a quick watch of Motherwell FC’s Christmas video, in which we have chosen to again highlight mental health awareness and, and in specific, the anti-suicide message.

“The theme of this video was to demonstrate the pain and devastation suicide causes to families and how it’s those loved ones who can provide the help when you really need to talk.

“The four families are all Motherwell supporting families who have experienced the pain of loss to suicide.

“Their courage to help us highlight the issue is both incredible and inspiring. We would also like to say thanks to the brilliant Ane Brun and Headstomp Productions for allowing us to use her music; her poignant words and beautiful voice helped us tell this story the way we wanted.”