MP casts her vote against Brexit deal

Marion Fellows MP
Marion Fellows MP

Motherwell and Wishaw MP Marion Fellows voted against the Government’s Brexit deal last week.

This helped inflict the most severe defeat of any government in modern British politics with Prime Minister Theresa May losing 432 votes to 202.

Mrs Fellows said: “This vote further undermines the credibility of the Tory Government and shows just how much of a disaster the UK political system is.

“The UK Government has had over two years to negotiate with the EU and has failed to agree a deal that satisfies anyone.

“It is not working and it is hurtling Scotland towards an economic catastrophe which risks the livelihoods of families and communities with a no deal Brexit.

“The Tories must go. I, along with my SNP colleagues, also voted against the UK Government in the no confidence vote which we called for months ago, but Labour refused to call until now. This has lost us precious time.

“I can’t foresee how any Government of any colour can negotiate a deal that will satisfy most MPs. Things are unlikely to progress well.

“Scotland must look at what is happening in Westminster and what it is doing with our economy and communities through Brexit and austerity. We have to consider independence again.”