Five streets in Motherwell identified as being in dire need of road repairs

A Motherwell councillor is calling for urgent repairs to be made to roads in the Muirhouse area which are affecting no fewer than five streets.

Friday, 2nd July 2021, 12:54 pm
Nathan Wilson
Nathan Wilson

Councillor Nathan WIlson (Conservative, Motherwell South East and Ravenscraig) has highlighted the poor condition of road surfaces at Muirhouse Road, Barons Road, Muirhouse Drive, Clyde Terrace and Merryton Road.

Councillor Wilson has contacted North Lanarkshire Council’s roads department, who agreed to carry out an inspection.

However its staff told the councillor that major resurfacing scheme would not be arranged during the current financial year because the money for this has been earmarked for other projects elsewhere.

Councillor Wilson says he is “hugely frustrated” by this response and continues to pursue it.

He added: “The condition of the surfaces at Muirhouse Road, Barons Road, Muirhouse Drive, Clyde Terrace and Merryton Road is sub-optimal and the council should be prioritising large-scale repair work.

“I am dismayed by the recent response from the local authority advising that resurfacing will not be arranged for any of the roads in the current financial year.

“The lack of urgency to restore the condition of the roads is simply not good enough.

"I have made further representations to the council to express my frustration at the current inaction.

“I have also stressed that if the council chooses to hold to it’s current position then at the very minimum, a commitment should be made to initiating permanent resurfacing work in the early part of the next financial year and to restore the condition of the roads in Muirhouse.”

A council spokesperson said: “The roads at Muirhouse are inspected as part of the council’s safety inspection regime.

"However, a further inspection will be carried out to assess the general condition and identify any defects.

"If necessary, some permanent patching work may be undertaken in this financial year.

"However, any more extensive resurfacing would be considered as part of the council’s resurfacing budget in future years, as the current year’s budget is fully allocated.”