Dogs Trust in Uddingston rehomes its biggest ever puppy

Julie Reid adopts Great Dane puppy Arnie from Dogs Trust in Uddinsgton
Julie Reid adopts Great Dane puppy Arnie from Dogs Trust in Uddinsgton

The team at Dogs Trust Glasgow in Uddingston has found a home for the biggest puppy ever to come into their care.

Five-month-old Great Dane Arnie, was a resident at Dogs Trust for only a couple of weeks; however he certainly made a ‘big’ impression.

Weighing in at 43kg (95lbs), Arnie currently weighs the same as a baby hippo and he still has a lot of growing to do.

As well as his incredible weight, he is around 6ft tall when standing on his hind legs.

He was spotted by Julie and Colin Reid and their son Josh while visiting the rehoming centre and they were instantly won over by Arnie’s charm.

Julie said: “We didn’t have a specific breed in mind when looking for a pet, but Arnie is the perfect companion.

“He is gentle, loving and so playful; he will definitely fit in, we are just relieved we have a big enough home to accommodate our new baby hippo.

“The team at Dogs Trust Glasgow have offered us a host of continued support with Arnie as he gets older, from behavioural advice to training and we can’t wait to help Arnie develop into a happy and well-mannered adult.”

Rehoming centre manager Sandra Lawton added: “The team can’t wait to get regular updates on all his antics because Arnie is definitely a lap dog at heart and has no idea just how big he is.

“We still have plenty of dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds in our care awaiting their forever homes so pop down for more information.”