Cars plundered in Tannochside

Police have issued an urgent warning to car owners after a spate of thefts to cars parked in the Tannochside area.

Tuesday, 7th January 2020, 4:05 pm

The first incident was recorded on Monday (January 6) morning after thefts overnight.

A resident of Ranco Drive told police that morning that her Mercedes had been broken into and items had been stolen from the glovebox.

A resident from the same street told police soon after that his Kia Proceed had been ransacked.

Hours later, the owner of a Vauxhall Insignia from Woodhead Crescent got in touch with officers to say that a thief had gained access to his vehicle and stolen CDs.

It emerged in the afternoon that another car – a Renault Clio parked in Calderbraes Avenue – had been broken into. Nothing appears to have been stolen.

Officers do not believe that the cars had been properly secured against theft because of the ‘touch sensitive’ nature of hi-tech car keys which can be unwittingly be unlocked from a distance.

Officers are now advising members of the public to guard themselves against this kind of theft where opportunist thieves are taking the chance to see if car doors are open.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Stealing from unlocked vehicles is one of the most preventable crimes that a householder can guard against.

“Keys in modern cars are easy to activate and work over a considerable distance.

“This means that keys in coats or pockets can be inadvertantly activated, unlocking cars.

“We ask that when car owners get home, they lock their cars, then secure keys out of reach of doors and windows.”