DJ reveals life isn't all one big party

World Mental Health Day took place last week and a Newarthill DJ has found the courage to share his story.

Thursday, 18th October 2018, 11:26 am
Updated Thursday, 18th October 2018, 11:47 am
Jamie Hendry

Jamie Hendry knows that as a DJ people think is life is fun and a party, but earlier this year it became the exact opposite.

He hopes through speaking up he can help others to seek out the help they need.

Jamie said: “It took me so long to build the courage to finally speak out about my health. Six months back I found myself feeling useless, down and feeling I had no purpose in life.

“I’d feel this way mostly after each gig I did and the reason was because I was playing to lots of people who loved to party and then I found myself driving home feeling alone and degraded.

“This thing took everything from me and I made wrong choices during this period, making a mess of my relationship, falling out with my family and doing stupid things.

“I didn’t want to move out of my room to see the world and was just trying to hide away from the problems that I felt that I couldn’t deal with.

“There has been times I’ve thought about giving up DJing and music and just to stay hidden away from the world, but that wasn’t an option as my finances where also part of how I was feeling.

“Depression is something that I wish on no one because the lives that it has taken is heartbreaking and I’m very lucky to have found something that took me away from that.”

Jamie was able to pull himself away from rock bottom and started his brand I.D.

He explained: “The reason behind the brand name is quite simple. I.D. is about who you are as a person about the things that you can identify yourself with.

“The most important thing to me was that music could take me to a different world that had no problems just that moment of freedom that built me up.

“I hated myself for the decisions I made and the people I hurt during my rock bottom part and that only added to the pain I was feeling.

“Life isn’t easy and never will be, but it’s the steps you take that you use to control it.

“Trying to find something that you can put your energy to can help you take your self away from those dark days, I still have a long way to go, but I have something I can use to focus on to make my dark days slowly get brighter and brighter.

“If you are feeling like I did then don’t hide it, speak to someone who will listen, its hard, but it’s a step forward and away from the black path.”