You ask, Shane answers

Shane Filan answers questions from Times & Speaker readers ahead of Motherwell date on solo tour.
Shane Filan answers questions from Times & Speaker readers ahead of Motherwell date on solo tour.
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It’s not often we are offered an interview with a multi-million record selling star, and an even rarer occasion when we pass it over to our readers.

But that’s exactly what happened when we were offered a chat with former Westlife singer Shane Filan.

The Irish pop star will be bringing his You and Me tour to Motherwell Concert Hall on October 28.

With the tour already under way, Shane is prepped and ready to show off his debut solo album of the same title.

In between touring and publicising his autobiography, My Side of Life, the 35-year-old sat down with a list of questions from our readers on Facebook eager to find out more about their hero.

Here’s the ones he chose as the best:

Q: What has life after Westlife been like? - Louise McAtamney

A: It’s been good. I’ve been very busy with the release of my first album and solo tour.

Q: Do you take your family on tour? If not, what is the longest you have been away from them for? - Pamela McGlone

A: I don’t take them on tour as the kids are in school but they do come to the shows when they’re off. The longest is probably three or four weeks.

Q: How do you cope being away from your family? - Donna Caldwell

A: It’s a lot easier nowadays with Skype and FaceTime. I talk to them a couple of times a day.

Q: Where has been your favourite place you have performed in? - Dawn Smith

A: Every city is so different it’s hard to choose one. I love performing in UK and Ireland. But then the shows in Asia are amazing too.

Q: What’s it like being on the road again as a solo artist? Do you and the guys still hang out? - Margaret Watson

A: It’s very different. It’s a lot quieter backstage. But it’s great. We don’t see each other that much but we bump into each other at work events. I did Nicky’s radio show in Ireland last week.