Wets guitarist teams up with daughter for Musicfest

Graeme Duffin
Graeme Duffin

Wet Wet Wet guitarist Graeme Duffin appears at Musicfest in Uddingston next month, and he will be keeping it in the family.

Graeme takes to the stage at the Two Chimneys on Tuesday, February 18, along with daughter Esther O’Connor and son-in-law Tim from the band Ashton Lane.

Graeme, who is a director of the Foundry Music Lab in Flemington, said: “I was giving a question and answer session at a church in Glasgow when (festival organiser) Lorna Cammock approached me.

“I think she was wanting Wet Wet Wet to appear, I told her that wasn’t going to happen, but if she sent me some details I would see what I could do.

“I contacted Esther (pictured) and Tim and they were available, so we are appearing as Ashton Lane and it should be a good evening.

“I always enjoy any opportunity to play live, and particularly alongside Esther and Tim, their songs are great and they have excellent vocal harmonies.”

Graeme said it was inevitable that Esther and his son Jamie would both follow in his musical footsteps.

He joked: “No child of mine was going to have a proper job, that’s for sure.

“But seriously, given the amount of time they spent with me on tour it was perhaps inevitable they should gravitate towards the music industry.

“Although the desire is one thing, having the talent to back it up is another and they both do.

“They are both much stronger at songwriting than I ever was, Esther has an amazing voice, while Jamie can play multiple instruments and has a very keen business brain,”

The gig starts at 7.30pm in the function suite.

If you would like to record under the expertise of Graeme and award winnng producers and engineers Sandy Jones and Ted Blakeway at the Foundry Music Lab visit www.foundrymusiclab.com.