The ‘greatest’ entretainer Brian Conley brings new show to Motherwell

Brian Conley
Brian Conley

The multi-talented Brian Conley brings his new show The Greatest Entertainer (In His Price Range) to Motherwell Concert Hall later this month.

While Brian admits he turned to comedy to try to survive school and then because it earned him more in the clubs, nowadays he just lives to entertain.

With more than 40 years in the business behind him Brian has done pretty much everything in TV, film and the theatre, and at one time was the highest-paid male television personality in the UK.

Brain said: “I’m dyslexic so when I was at school I did what I could to make everyone laugh to hide the fact I was struggling, little did I know I was learning my trade and actually made my professional debut at the age of 12.

“When I was 18 or 19 I was in a comedy band, but I began to realise that the comedians earned more than the singers so the chat between the songs started to longer and longer, until I just starting getting myself booked as a comedian.”

So what can Brian’s audience expect from his new show on Monday, March 27, — put simply, a good time.

He said: “I don’t do this because I have to, I could do panto and the odd corporate gig and that would suffice, I do it because I just love getting on the road to entertain people as it is so rewarding knowing you’ve enabled them to have a good time.

“It is a proper variety show of old and new material, with some comedy, some sketches, some songs and I have the magician Ali Cook joining me, who does everything I don’t do.

“In the West End or in TV you’re very much locked into the show, in Motherwell I have the freedom to do what I want — I could do some fire eating or play a penny whistle up my nose — I just love the thought of the audience sitting there thinking ‘oh my god, what’s he going to do next?’”

The show starts at 7.30pm and tickets costing £22.50 are available by calling 01698 403120 or visiting Culture NL