The dawn breaks

Paul Chequer stars as Private Tommo Peaceful
Paul Chequer stars as Private Tommo Peaceful

A young World War One soldier looks back on his short, but joyful life, before dawn comes and he faces a firing squad.

To mark the centenary of WW1, a production of War Horse author Michael Morpurgo’s award-winning children’s novel Private Peaceful is performed at the Theatre Royal in Glasgow from June 25-28.

His inspiration came from a visit to Ypres where he was shocked to discover how many young soldiers were court-martialled and shot for cowardice during the conflict.

In this one-man show, the role of Private Tommo Peaceful will is played by Paul Chequer.

Paul starred in the original production of Private Peaceful at the Bristol Old Vic and toured nationally until 2012 when he won the role of the Corporal in the film adaptation.

During the night Tommo relives growing up in rural Devon; his exciting first days at school; the accident in the forest that killed his father; his adventures with Molly, the love of his life, and the battles and injustices of war that brought him to the front line.

Paul said: “It’s a great chance to see one of the best and most popular stories for young adults ever written brought to life on the stage.

“The story is so inspiring and the way it’s written makes it perfect for the theatre, with the emotional impact of the story making it such a joy to perform.

“Although ultimately it’s a tragic ending, the emotional range within the story is vast and there are moments of great joy, love, guilt, yearning, grief, bravery etc.

“It’s hard because you’re drained afterwards, but as an actor it’s a fantastic feeling to know you’ve given everything.”

Private Peaceful will be performed at 2pm on June 25 and 27 and 11am on June 26-28, and is most suitable for ages 8+. Tickets costing £11.90-£26.90 are available by visiting or call 0844 871 7647.