Texas look back on a quarter of a century of success

Sharleen Spiteri
Sharleen Spiteri

Twenty-five years Bellshill-born hairdresser Sharleen Spiteri formed a band that would go on to sell more than 35 million records.

Texas enjoyed instant success with debut single ‘I Don’t Want a Lover’ becoming an international hit and have marked the anniversary with the release of Texas 25.

Texas 25 is available in several formats, including a boxset featuring never before seen images of the band, these images inspired them to completely revisit the most iconic songs in their discography as well as featuring new single ‘Start a Family’.

Sharleen said: “25 years already felt like a really significant anniversary, but it was only when we looked at all the old photos that things felt so much more real.

“With this album, we didn’t just want to make a Greatest Hits again - that can be a bit lazy! We wanted to document our history - 25 years, as a band, when you think about it, that’s like ‘woah!’”

Sharleen called in New York producers Truth and Soul for the project, having previously worked with them on her solo album Melody.

She said: “I knew they would have a great approach to this album, because although our fans and people who know us have grown up with these songs, the Truth and Soul guys hadn’t heard them before.

“They wouldn’t know a Texas song if it hit them in the face! They were coming to it completely fresh.”

Texas are also on the tour with An Evening With Texas taking place at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Wednesday, April 22, giving the audience the chance to pick the set list for each show and Sharleen sharing stories and anecdotes between the songs.

Texas 25 can be ordered from Texas website and tickets for An Evening With Texas are available from Live Nation