Teacher developing yoga classes for kids

The Starstruck boys hip hop and street dance class
The Starstruck boys hip hop and street dance class

Starstruck Studios in Motherwell is holding a free open day for children’s yoga classes next month.

“Maya Kids Yoga” is being developed by teacher Anna Whyte who started noticing the connections that can be made between yoga practice, music practice and art.

Anna is currently working on developing a unique children’s yoga class suitable for children in P1-3 where all of these creative practices can be used in a safe environment for young minds to rest, play and develop.

She said: “Children are natural yogis! They have endless imagination and boundless amounts of energy.

“The practice of yoga is a centuries-old system of mind and body fitness.

It can help children develop motor skills, flexibility and sensory awareness, foster emotional growth and creativity, build social skills all through having a lot of fun.”

The open day will be held on Sunday, May 8, from 2-3.30pm at the Starstruck Studios in Ross Crescent.

At Starstruck girls are taught from age of two and boys from age of three years.

There is a wide range of classes including Twinkle Toes (for ages 2-4), drama and singing lessons, stunts and tumbling, cheerleading, tap, hip Hop/street dance and lyrical/ballet.

Boys-only classes in hip hop and street dance classes are taught by a male teacher every Monday night.

Starstruck owner Jo Harden said: “We are excited to offer classes to boys in hip hop and street dance. Our aim is to increase fitness and confidence in a fun safe environment.”

For more information e-mail Starstruck

Starstruck’s girls showcase a variety of dance styles from noon on Saturday, April 30, at Motherwell Street fair, while the boys take to the stage at 4pm.