Scary movies at the drive-in

Hannibal Lecter
Hannibal Lecter
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For the Hallowe’en weekend, M&D’s is creating a drive-in movie theatre with capacity for 400 cars.

The huge 60’x25’ screen will ensure everyone watching has a perfect view, unless you want to take advantage of the 20 spaces reserved on the back row for loved up film-lovers.

Matthew Taylor, managing director of M&D’s, said: “This is our sixth year hosting Halloween Drive-In Movies, they keep getting bigger and better, and year we’ve decided to reserve our back row for couples on dates.

“There are limited spaces available for the midnight showings allocated on a first come, first serve basis, so anyone looking to impress their date should arrive early to secure their place.”

M&D’s staff will be on hand to supply candyfloss, popcorn and drinks.

Showing this year are: — October 31: Case 39 (15) at 8pm and Silence of the Lambs (18) at midnight; November 1: Monsters University (U) at 6pm, The Conjuring (15) at 9pm and Friday the 13th (18) at midnight; November 2: The Purge (15) at 6pm and The Descent Part 2 (18) at 10pm.

For more information and ticket prices visit M&D’s or call 01698 333777.