Queen of comedy

Dorothy Paul has been entertaining audiences for more than 60 years
Dorothy Paul has been entertaining audiences for more than 60 years

Dorothy Paul may be the queen of Scottish comedy, but says it is important to stay humble if you want to succeed in showbusiness.

Dorothy returns to Motherwell Concert Hall on Thursday, March 13, and despite over 60 years in the industry admits to still getting nervous.

She said: “This is a brand new show, people pay their money so it wouldn’t be fair to recycle old material.

“I don’t tell jokes, to be honest I find jokes boring, I think it is better to tell the audience my stories and experiences.

“I still get nervous before a new show, wondering how it will be received, but I think it is a good show and features a lot of contemporary stuff.

“Even after all these years I still lose sleep, but anyone who has been successful and enjoyed longevity is the same, those who don’t worry about it never last long.

“Humility is the key to being successful, as you can never take your audience for granted and give them less than 100 per cent.”

It is several years since Dorothy performed in Motherwell and she is happy to be back.

She said: “It’s maybe four or five years since I appeared in Motherwell as the last two tours took me to Hamilton.

“However, I always enjoy being at the concert hall as it is a lovely venue and a wonderful audience.”

The second half takes in a Q&A session with Dorothy, and anyone looking to ask something is requested to hand in their question prior to the show.

Another highlight will be fan-favourite ‘The Cleaner’, a staple of Dorothy’s shows for many years.

She said: “She’s back and is getting more bizarre, last year her husband was up in space with Richard Branson so it will be interesting to see what news she has his time.”

The show starts at 7.30pm and tickets costing £16 (£14 concessions) are available by calling 01698 403120 or visiting www.northlanarkshire.gov.uk/entertainment.