Publication is a fantasy come true for Andy

Andy Livingstone
Andy Livingstone

A local author is celebrating the publication this week of his first novel in paperback.

Andy Livingstone’s book, Hero Born, was plucked from 5000 others submitted to HarperVoyager when the publishing giant opened its doors to unagented authors and chose just 15.

His fantasy novel was published as an ebook in June and Thursday, 
December 3, sees the 
paperback version 

“It is an exciting time,” said Andy, who grew up in Motherwell and now lives in Wishaw.

“It was amazing to have ‘Hero Born’ released as an ebook but, as an author trying to be published over the years, the dream you have is to hold a copy of your book in your hands and so it is wonderful now to see it in paperback also.”

Hero Born is a story in the genre known as low fantasy – with no magic or mythical creatures it is based more in realism while still being set in an imaginary world.

Andy said: “It has been described by people who have read it as being ‘historical fiction set in different geography’ which is great because I wanted to write a story that was an adventure following the growth of a boy into the hero his world needs.’’

Hero Born is the first book in the Seeds of Destiny trilogy, and with HarperVoyager signing up all three books, it has been a busy year for Andy.

“Only Hero Born was written,” he explained, “so as soon as the editing process for it was finished I had to launch myself into writing the second book.

‘‘It was recently completed and will be released in June 2016 and I have a gap now before the editing begins, so I relax for a while and enjoy the release of the paperback.”

Anyone wishing to hear about Andy’s experience in being signed to a major publisher can do so face to face when he presents a talk and takes questions at 
Greenhills Library, East 
Kilbride, on Tuesday, 
December 8.

The event will run from 6.30pm to 7.30pm and anyone wishing to reserve a place at the free event can call the library on 01355 242951.