Panto duo plan to steal the show

Jamie Lemetti (centre) with comedy partner Alan Mirren (left) and Ian 'Sheepie' Smith
Jamie Lemetti (centre) with comedy partner Alan Mirren (left) and Ian 'Sheepie' Smith

Jamie Lemetti has warned Ian ‘Sheepie’ Smith that he and comedy partner Alan Mirren are out for his job as the stars of the Motherwell panto.

Alan and Jamie, a graduate of Motherwell College, play Mac and Tosh respectively in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at Motherwell Theatre until Sunday, January 3.

The comedy duo, who have a touch of Morecambe and Wise, the Chuckle Brothers and Cannon and Ball about them, have returned to the town two years after being policemen in Aladdin to play the Wicked Queen’s henchmen charged with killing Snow White.

Jamie said: “We are too stupid to be truly evil, for us it’s just a chance to do some silly comedy so we don’t get hung up too much on whether we are good or bad.”

The pair played the same parts in Bognor last year, but are delighted this year to have the chance to work with real dwarfs.

Jamie said: “It’s a very strong show, one we obviously know well, but the difference is last year we didn’t have actual dwarfs so having the real thing gives it so much more energy.

“You have seven actors with seven personalities and that provides so much more patter for the likes of Sheepie to play off of.”

A lot of the time Jamie and Alan work off each other with only occasional interaction with the rest of the cast, and say while they know it is a tough challenge, they always aim to steal the show.

Jamie said: “We don’t interact too much with the rest of the cast, a lot of our stuff is as a double act so we drive kinda our own plot.

“The plan is always to steal the show, Sheepie has it locked in, I’ve seen all the shows we haven’t been in with him and he has the audience in the palm of his hand the whole time so for us to get even a fraction of that is the challenge.

“The kids believe in him so much, it’s not that they don’t like us, but Sheepie is their man so if we can steal the limelight then that’s great.

“Sheepie is a very dear friend, he really can do anything on that stage, and of course we wish him only the best in the future, but it’s no secret we are out for his job in Motherwell!”

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