No lie to say band are destined for big things

Little White Truth
Little White Truth

A Motherwell group formed for a Battle of the Bands competition are hoping to fight their way to the top of the industry.

Little White Truth got together in 2013 to participate in Rockfest run by North Lanarkshire Council.

The line-up has slimmed down from the nine members who took part in the contest for the second time last year, now made up of singer Marc Costello, lead guitarist James Bennett, rhythm guitarist Dylan Reilly, bassist Konner Millar Brookbanks and drummer Christopher Bradshaw.

The indie rockers are now regular performers at venues across Glasgow and were given wider exposure by being invited to perform on STV’s Riverside Show.

This summer has seen the release of their debut EP, the appropriately named Something New.

Konner said: “Originally we did get together for the Battle of the Bands, but in the two years we have been together we have really developed as a band and our sound has got better and better.

“We were all into indie music so as you do we started off covering the likes of Arctic Monkeys and The Killers, but as time went on and our confidence increased we started to write and perform our own music.

“While some people may take more of a lead of some songs it is very much a collaborative process with all five of us equally involved.

“To be honest some of our early efforts were rubbish, but with time they improved to the point we were ready to record something.

“Obviously we’d love to put out a full album one day, but for now we decided just to do an EP and headed to the LoFi studios in Glasgow which is a brilliant facility.

“We released Something New on iTunes and Spotify and while you are never sure what reaction you’ll get it has been very positive and we are constantly being asked to play gigs.

“So far we have performed at the Garage, Slouch and the Record Factory a few times so things are going along nicely.

“Hopefully as our reputation grows we’ll be invited to the likes of King Tut’s or the Barrowlands and further afield as we are all determined to make Little White Truth a real success.”