Nathan aiming to conquer both sides of the Irish Sea

Nathan Carter
Nathan Carter

At the age of 18 Liverpudlian Nathan Carter packed his bags and headed across the Irish Sea to become one of the Emerald Isle’s biggest stars.

Having already had two chart topping albums in Ireland he now has his sights set on making a name for himself in the UK and performs at Motherwell Concert Hall on Sunday at 7.30pm.

Nathan said: “I was 18 going round the pubs and clubs in the Liverpool area when I was offered the chance to join a band in Northern Ireland.

“It was a big step leaving everything behind, but it kicked off well and things just grew and grew.”

The story of a Liverpudlian singer becoming a star in Ireland before bringing his act to Motherwell sounds familiar and Nathan can count Charlie Landsborough among his fans.

He said: “Although I am rather younger than Charlie our stories are quite similar and he has been to see some of my shows.

“The man is a legend and I have massive respect for his singing and songwriting.”

Nathan non-stop touring schedule sees him criss-cross the UK and Ireland.

He said: “Growing up I was always listening to the likes of Joe Dolan and Philomena Begley so there has always been an audience for Irish music and it is just getting bigger and bigger.

“I love touring and I especially love performing in Scotland as the audiences really get the music, I’ve actually been as far north as Shetland and on this tour I’m looking forward to being in Orkney for the first time.”

With the release of his sixth album Beautiful Life Nathan hopes it will break him into the UK market.

He said:“My dream is to have an album in the UK top 10, I’ve had success in Ireland it would be wonderful to replicate it back home.”

Tickets to see Nathan Carter in Motherwell cost £23, available by calling 01698 403120 or visiting Culture NL