Tommy releases debut single as he plots musical success

Motherwell singer/songwriter Tommy McGuire. Pic: Ewan McCunn Photography.
Motherwell singer/songwriter Tommy McGuire. Pic: Ewan McCunn Photography.

Motherwell singer/songwriter Tommy McGuire releases his debut single on Friday as he looks to take the next step in his musical career.

The former Isotones lead singer has penned the acoustic track Baby Don’t Worry, which certainly has shades of Paolo Nutini about it, but the former Our Lady’s High pupil is determined to craft his own sound.

Tommy said: “I grew up listening to Paolo so he is definitely an influence but he is just one of many along with Motown, soul and even a bit of country, particularly Johnny Cash.

“The song first came together when I decided to invest in a loop pedal to complement my guitar on stage.

“I was messing about with it and a couple of chords formed which ultimately became the melody for Baby Don’t Worry.

“I recorded it on my phone. It wasn’t fully formed, but I was determined to come back and really have a go at doing something with it and eventually the finished song took shape.

“I wanted to create a happy, jumpy song that people could sing along to and perhaps get up and dance and I think I have achieved that. I’m very pleased with how it has turned out.”

Tommy studied music at Wolverhampton University and also attended the Academy of Music and Sound in both Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Although he started a little later than some musicians who find themselves with a guitar in hand as a toddler, he is ambitious and keen to give up selling cars for a living in order to pursue music full-time.

Tommy appeared to great acclaim at the recent Motherwell Makes Music event and has performed at variety of venues across Lanarkshire, Ayrshire and Glasgow, including King Tut’s.

He added: “I got into music in a big way when I was at high school. My buddy was picked to do singing as his instrument and the teacher realised I had a decent voice too – it has just gone on from there.

“It is almost exactly six years since Isotones were formed and, while that is now in the past, with a good education in music behind me I really want to prove I can turn music into a full-time job as a solo artist.”

There is sure to be more to come as Tommy gets back into the studio at Foundry Music Lab in Flemington.

His next gig is at the Classic Grand in Glasgow on Sunday, June 18.

Baby Don’t Worry will be available for download on Friday from all major music outlets and streaming sites such as Apple Music and Spotify.