Marti would like to tell you a story

Marti Pellow as The Narrator in Blood Brothers
Marti Pellow as The Narrator in Blood Brothers

Marti Pellow couldn’t wait to reprise his role as The Narrator in Blood Brothers which comes to Hamilton Town House from February 16-21.

Pellow was first cast in the role for the tour of Willy Russell’s musical back in 2011, leaving in 2012 to join the cast of Evita in London’s West End.

After his run as Che he returned to the ‘streets’ of Liverpool for a new tour last year and couldn’t be happier.

Marti said: “I wanted to come back to Blood Brothers due to the quality of Willy Russell’s writing, the talent of the people I work with and basically just to hang out with my mates again.

“But more than that it is a show that really resonates with me, as while it is set in Liverpool it really it could be set in Glasgow or Birmigham or Belfast.

“I grew up in a working class town in the 1980s and I remember the suffering that people went through, fast forward 30 years and it is a similar situation today.

“It is a very powerful piece and there isn’t a night goes by where you don’t see even men with a bit of ‘dust’ in their eye.”

Playing The Narrator, Marti has the pivotal role of being the audience’s bridge to what is happening on stage.

Aside from Blood Brothers he has also performed a similar function as Che in Evita, The Arbiter in Chess and the thoughts of the Journalist in War of the Worlds.

Marti said: “The Narrator walks the audience through the story, but it is important not to overshadow what else is happening on stage.

“You can’t disappear, but you have to learn to adopt a stillness while maintaining a presence.”

Marti is best known as the lead singer of Wet Wet Wet and despite his theatre success refuses to close the door on that chapter of this life.

He said: “We last released an album in 2006 and toured two years ago so haven’t been exactly the most prolific .

“But the guys in the band are my mates so of course we like to meet up and I’m sure when our schedules allow we’ll be out there performing the songs we and the fans still love so it’s important to keep that iron in the fire.”

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