Making a Hue and Cry

Greg Kane chats to some students
Greg Kane chats to some students

Music students from New College Lanarkshire’s Performing Arts Department had the opportunity to quiz one of Scottish music’s top stars on how to prepare for life in the music industry.

Sharing his experiences with the lucky music students was Hue and Cry’s Greg Kane.

A classically trained pianist, saxophonist and musical production genius, Greg is probably best known for forming the band with his brother, Pat, on vocals.

The duo is best known for producing hits such as ‘Labour of Love’, ‘Violently’ and ‘Looking for Linda’.

Music student Dan Scott (17) from Motherwell, said: “It was a great experience to have the chance to speak to Greg about what it’s like to have a career in the music business.

“We learned a great deal and it was really good to have an insight into what it’s like from someone who knows their stuff.”

Greg added: “I always enjoy speaking to young musicians about the possibilities in the Creative Industries.

“I speak to them of experience and they respond with ideas and ambitions.

“We both get a lot from these talks and I look forward to it.”

Head of beauty, sport and performing arts David McShane says the college strives to make the course interactive, giving students the practical experience they require.

He said: “We encourage guest speakers and lecturers to provide students with practical insights into their industry sector.

“Our music students have the talent required to make it and they need to know all about the practical and commercial aspects of the business.

“Providing them with an understanding of how the industry actually operates is essential.”

Music lecturer Yvonne Tipping added: “It really was a treat that Greg agreed to speak to our students on working in the music industry.

“His tips were invaluable and will definitely have an impact on decisions the students will make in their future music careers.”