Jon presents a whole new sound

Jon Gomm
Jon Gomm
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From the age of two Jon Gomm knew he wanted to be a guitarist when he saw Mark Knopfler play his shiny red Stratocaster on TV.

He said: “I don’t really remember being so young, but I’m told it’s all I went on about wanting for Christmas.

“I assume it was probably just because it was red and shiny and made noise, but the chances of me getting one were pretty remote.”

Two years later Jon would get his first guitar and started lessons that would lead him to being one of the country’s great guitarist with fans including Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee, Yes’s Jon Anderson, David Crosby and Deacon Blue’s Gregor Philp.

Describing his music is difficult, influenced by jazz, blues, heavy metal, flamenco and bluegrass, Jon turns his guitar into a complete instrument that prompted Stephen Fry to tweet ‘Wow’ on seeing his video for Passionflower

However, although he has a style all of his own Jon says he remains a fairly classical guitiarist.

He said: “After school I attended The Guitar Institute which was then just a tiny room in West London, but the teachers were some of the most incredible guitar players I had ever heard.

“I learned so much, I don’t sound like any of them, but if you are going to do crazy things with a guitar then you need to have good technique.

“I might hit the body, do finger tapping on the neck or retune as I go, but I am actually a pretty classical guitarist.”

You can hear Jon at Airdrie Town Hall on Thursday, November 13, at 7pm.

Tickets costing £10 are available at Intimate Gigs or call 01698 403120.

Jon said: “I love playing in Scotland, there is a such a great appreciation for music north of the border.

“Much like in North America being a singer-songwriter means writing about your experiences, but unlike in England doesn’t have you categorised as a folk artist.”