Jimmy ready to collect at Motherwell Theatre

Jimmy Chisholm as debt collector Lawson in a tense scene from The Collection.
Jimmy Chisholm as debt collector Lawson in a tense scene from The Collection.

Following their success with the revival of The Sash, Rapture Theatre are back in Motherwell with an explosive look at the seedy world of debt collection.

An all-star cast led by Jimmy Chisholm and Tam Dean Burn bring their brand new production of Mike Cullen’s ‘The Collection’ to Motherwell Theatre on Tuesday (October 8).

Directed by Michael Emans, ‘The Collection’ follows Lawson, the best collector in the business, operating in the seedy world of debt collection. He is at the top of the “profession”, however when one of his clients commits suicide, Lawson’s life is shattered irrevocably.

As the mystery deepens around the suicide, the noose tightens, the stakes rise and Lawson and his colleagues are pushed into a deadly power game from which there can only be one winner.

Both funny and shocking, this renowned play mixes edge-of-your-seat tension with gallons of Scottish black humour.

Chisholm, probably best known as Jimmy Blair in Take The High Road, first played the role of Lawson seven years ago.

He said: “It’s a hard, hard part to play, I’d like to say that doing stuff on stage as a professional doesn’t cost me anything, but putting yourself in to places like those Lawson finds himself does cost.

“With loans so easy to get nowadays and people getting more and more into debt, there is a warning in the piece, I don’t think it claims to be realistic, but is a stark reminder of the spiral of debt.

“I really like Mike Cullen’s work, he mostly does telly now, but since Michael Emans badgered him into doing this again, he’s now considering writing for the theatre once more, which is great news.”

The show starts at 7.30pm and tickets costing £11 (£10 concessions) are available by calling the box office on 01698 403120 or visiting NLC entertainment