James reveals true face

James Milllar
James Milllar

Motherwell singer Paul French has added another string to his bow with the publication of his first book of poetry.

Poetry in Motion has been published under his own name, James Millar, and is now available to buy either in print form from Amazon or on Kindle for those who prefer the e book format. 

The book is a collection of poems written by him over the years and covers a wide range of topics including work, travel, theatre, art, and life in general.

There is also a number of poems describing his experiences as a singer in the music industry. 

James said: “I did think about publishing the book as Paul French because that is how a lot of people know me, but in the end I decided to keep the two things separate and just bring the book out under my own name.

“I’ve always been interested in poetry and been writing stuff for years, eventually you have folders full of stuff and I thought it was about time I did something with them.

 “There’s quite a variety there I think and certainly as far as those ones relating to my singing career are concerned  it’s been good to express some of the feelings which I and no doubt many other entertainers feel  regarding our experiences in the cabaret world.”

While always kept very busy on the cabaret circuit James has recently been invited by various groups to talk about the book and joked it could be a new start to his career. 

He said: “It’s been a great feeling to see these poems at last in print.

“So far the response to them has been very favourable and I’m very happy about that.

“Who knows perhaps in time people will book me to give poetry readings as well as the singing, maybe I could even give them a first half of James Millar the poet and the second as Paul French the singer?”

Poetry in Motion is available to purchase on Amazon costing £5.93 for the print edition, while the Kindle edition is free for subscribers or £3.58 otherwise.

Paul French’s CD Portrait of my Love is also available, see his website for details of how to order.

The price is £6 and includes postage and packaging.