It’s time for war

Mikey Whiplash
Mikey Whiplash

The Scottish Wrestling Alliance (SWA) celebrates its 10th anniversary at Clan Wars in Motherwell Concert Hall on Saturday, April 5.

The event will be headlined by Zero1 Scottish heavyweight champion Mikey Whiplash defending his title against Joe Coffey in a steel cage match.

Whiplash has held the belt since June 2012 but at the company’s last Motherwell event, Battlezone, he was forced to use Jackie Polo’s polo hammer to defeat Jack Gallagher.

SWA owner John Graham was not pleased by this turn of events, and with Coffey having won the 30-man Battlezone to become number one contender, told Whiplash when the SWA returned to Motherwell he would be guest referee for a steel cage match.

Graham (pictured) said: “We had a cracking debut in the concert hall in October, but Whiplash’s antics left a sour taste in the mouth.

“Some people might think I’ve something against Whiplash for retiring me, but I’m purely there to ensure Joe gets a fair crack at the title.”

Joe’s brother Mark Coffey tackles former WWE development talent Rampage Brown, while Gallagher looks to get back into title contention as he meets Robbie Solar.

Polo will be looking to get some gold for himself with the Laird of the Ring championship on the line against Joe Hendry, while Kenny Williams takes on Lewis Girvan and Scottish sensation Grado will be in action in an elimination match.

Motherwell’s own Fiona Fraser is part of the first ever women’s elimination match as she teams with Courtney Stewart and Debbie Sharp versus Bete Noire, Sami Jayne and Viper.

The event starts at 7.30pm and tickets costing £12 general admission, £15 second row gold and £35 family (two adults, two children) are available by calling 01698 403120, visiting or find the Scottish Wrestling Alliance on Facebook.