It’s a blockbuster as glam rock legends team up

Andy Scott (second, left) with current Sweet members (l-r) Bruce Bisland, Peter Lincoln and Tony O'Hara.
Andy Scott (second, left) with current Sweet members (l-r) Bruce Bisland, Peter Lincoln and Tony O'Hara.

Two of glam rock’s iconic groups, Sweet and Slade, are going on the road for a joint-UK tour that arrives in Glasgow this December.

Both groups were amongst the most flamboyant and most successful acts of the 1970s, selling tens of millions of records across the world.

Sweet’s Andy Scott says he is delighted to be in the company of his old mates once again.

He said: “In the 1960s I was with the Elastic Band while Slade were starting out as The Inbetweeners and were often booked together.

“I always got on well with them and spent far more time in their dressing room than my own so it’s great to back on the road with them again.”

Andy is the only remaining member of the classic Sweet line-up, while for Slade just Dave Hill and Don Powell remain from the glory days.

However, Andy says that with the passage of time then change would be inevitable.

He said: “After Sweet ended I mostly concerned myself with writing and producing for other people and worked on quite a few hit records.

“I started to play with a few bands and enjoyed it so much I decided to get the band back together.

“My agent told me he’d had loads of enquiries so there was clearly an audience out there still wanting to hear Sweet so I got together with Mike Tucker and formed a new line-up.

“Mike is gone now, as is Brian Connolly, and Steve Priest is never coming back from America so really there is just me left.

“We are talking more than 40 years since both Sweet and Slade got together so I think the audience is fully expecting change over that time and so long as the songs are performed well and sound more or less how they remember then everyone is happy.”

Sweet and Slade are at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Tuesday, December 3.

Tickets costing from £24.50 are available by visiting Glasgow Concert Halls or call 0141 353 8000.