Have a wild time with polar bears

These two polar bears are off on an adventure
These two polar bears are off on an adventure

Fresh from spending Christmas in Stirling, a pair of polar bears are making a visit to The Town House in Hamilton on Friday, January 30, at 10.30am.

With music, laughter and quite a bit of cheekiness The Polar Bears Go Wild, written by and starring by Eilidh MacAskill and Fiona Manson, is the perfect treat for children under five.

Brave explorers are wanted to join two friendly (but slightly naughty) polar bears on the adventure of a lifetime.

Where are they going? What will they get up to next? And have they got enough sandwiches (polar bears love sandwiches, everyone knows that)?

Along the way Eilidh and Fiona relate tales of rowing across lakes, crossing icy mountains and scaling high peaks in order to fire the imagination of their young audience.

Helping them to tell the story is Greg Sinclair’s music and Claire Halleran’s simple, but effective, set.

Just remember to keep a tight hold of your ice cream - polar bears are always hungry!

The show lasts 45 minutes and tickets costing £5 are available by calling 01698 452299 or visit SLLLC box office