Get creative with some Easter treats

Scott Baio starred in the original Bugsy Malone movie
Scott Baio starred in the original Bugsy Malone movie

CultureNL’s community arts team have arranged a trio of Easter treats during the spring break.

Activities in Airdrie, Coatbridge and Wishaw will encourage youngsters’ creative talents to grow and blossom – not to mention provide them with a fun and stimulating distraction from hordes of Easter chocolate!

The holidays begin with ‘Easter Craft Fun – Blazing Bunnies’ at Pather Artworks on April 7 and 14, where 8-12 year olds will join a ceramic art tutor to make clay bunnies, eggs and other spring themed work, as well as learning ‘smoke-firing’ techniques.

More musically orientated kids aged 8+ may prefer Summerlee Museum’s ‘Samba Drumming Workshop’ on April 16-18, where Brazilian experts will be on hand to give them a flavour of the carnival atmosphere with an explosion of Samba rhythms and beats.

‘Wee Bugsy Malone’ in Airdrie Town Hall from April 7-10 consists of four days of acting, singing, art and maybe even custard pies, based around the classic movie.

For further information on any of the above call 01236 812527 or visit Arts in Action