Game of Thrones star looks forward to old pals act

John Stahl (left) and Jimmy Chisholm is rehearsals for Uncle Varick
John Stahl (left) and Jimmy Chisholm is rehearsals for Uncle Varick

Scottish actor John Stahl swaps Winterfell for Motherwell this month as he appears in Uncle Varick at Motherwell Theatre on Monday.

John, best know for playing Tom Kerr on Take the High Road, says he is delighted to be involved in John Byrne’s adaptation of Chekov’s work for many reasons.

He said: “I had always wanted to do a Chekov play, but never had the chance, and I have been a great admirer of John Byrne for many years so it was nice to be able to marry the two.

“In addition I have known the director Michael Emans for 10 years and we had been looking for something to do together, so this seemed ideal.

“Rapture Theatre hardly has the biggest budget in the world but Michael has been able to bring together a fabulous cast because they want to work with him, trust me it’s not about the money.

“I’ve known Jimmy Chisholm since the 1970s when we were Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid together, Dave Anderson from my days as assistant director at Cumbernauld Theatre and Anne Kidd played my sister on High Road, so really this was a job I couldn’t turn down.”

John has just spent two seasons on the popular fantasy-drama Game of Thrones as Rickard Karstark (pictured), and although having recently met a grisly demise had a great time on the show.

He said: “I did a long stint on High Road so a lot of people still know me from there, but I am getting a little recognition now as the guy from Game of Thrones.

“I didn’t want another long run on TV, so I was quite happy when I learned I was to be killed off, but the time I spent on the show was wonderful.

“Frankly the people making it, particularly the effects people, are geniuses, and it was a privilege to be involved.”

Next week: John reveals his pick for the next Scottish acting superstar, discusses working with Danny Boyle and his plans for the future.