Time for a new generation to shine at Motherwell music festival

Motherwell Makes Music organiser Derek Watson (left) is a member of The Banter Thiefs.
Motherwell Makes Music organiser Derek Watson (left) is a member of The Banter Thiefs.

Motherwell is set to host a new music festival which aims to promote the best local musicians and some of Scotland’s hottest emerging talent.

Motherwell Makes Music will take place over the weekend of March 17-19 at The Electric Bar, JD’s Bar, Starka and The Railway Tavern.

Dozens of bands have already signed up and organiser Derek Watson hopes it will become an annual event.

Derek, the bassist in Motherwell band The Banter Thiefs, said: “This is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time as there isn’t much opportunity for bands to perform locally, or for those from further afield to play in the town.

“Initially I thought we would have about 20 bands performing, but so many have got in touch asking to be involved there will be a lot more than that, which so many genres covered from rock to hip-hop, he added.

“If Uddingston can arrange a week-long music festival, then surely we must be able to pull it off in Motherwell, and get a bit of a buzz going about the Lanarkshire scene once again.

“Of course everyone knows the success the likes of Teenage Fanclub, BMX Bandits, Mogwai and The Delgados have had, but that is now a different generation so there needs to be an opportunity for today’s musicians to shine. We have a great line-up already with more to be announced, and I hope the Motherwell public will come out to the gigs and we can make this an annual date on the calendar.”

Among the bands who have signed up are: Bloodlines, A Sudden Burst of Colour, ULTRAS, The Banter Thiefs, Holy Pistol Club, The Vistas, Foggy City Orphan, Dogtooth, Pyramids, Mesmerene, Caulder, The Austins, The Un-Romantics, The Ranzas, Homeward James, Tommy McGuire.

We’ll reveal who is playing where and when along with interviews with some the bands involved in the coming weeks.

Tickets to each gig will be £6, but click here to buy an early bird wristband that will get you access to them all.