Taboo star is bringing the thunder to Motherwell

David Hayman is most at home on the stage and delighted to be playing Bob Cunningham again.
David Hayman is most at home on the stage and delighted to be playing Bob Cunningham again.

Legendary Scottish actor David Hayman brings The Cause of Thunder to Motherwell Theatre on Tuesday, February 21.

A follow-up to The Pitiless Storm it is now two years since the Scottish independence referendum, and Bob Cunningham (Hayman) has things on his mind.

Should he take early retirement; politics, of course, and what to do about the No vote, Brexit, Corbyn, the refugee crisis; plus there is a letter from Ethel, his ex.

It puts Bob in a storytelling mood as he tries to come to terms with not only where his own life stands, with the creeping onset of old age, but also his country’s, past, and future.

Hayman can currently be seen alongside Tom Hardy in the hit BBC drama Taboo, and has just returned from its premiere in Los Angeles, which he described as ‘a bun fight’, but is always most at home on the stage.

He said: “It is really exciting that Taboo has been a big success, but I always try to get back on stage every two years so I’m delighted Chris Dolan has written a follow-up to The Pitiless Storm.

“The independence referendum may have passed, but there is still so much for Bob to get passionate about like Brexit, the 56 SNP MPs and the rise of the right.

“At the same time he is also looking at his own life, what he’s done and accepting he is getting older so it has been a great opportunity to go back and reshape him and if the standing ovation I got in Skye is anything to go by it seems to be going down well with audiences.”

The show is directed by his son, David Jr, and Hayman hinted they could be reunited on Scotland’s biggest soap one day.

He said: “David is a brilliant director with a really good idea of how to shape a performance.

“He’s back doing River City, there has been talk of me coming in only for the schedule not to work out, maybe one day though.”

The show starts at 7.30pm and tickets costing £14 (£13 concessions) are available by calling 01698 403120 or visiting Culture NL