National Theatre coming to North Lanarkshire to investigate the ‘Shift’

Shift director Simon Sharkey is delighted to be working in North Lanarkshire again.
Shift director Simon Sharkey is delighted to be working in North Lanarkshire again.

The National Theatre of Scotland will deliver its first ever large scale participatory arts project in North Lanarkshire later this year.

From September 2017 until March 2018 it will works with Culture NL Ltd and North Lanarkshire Council to produce Shift.

Shift will explore Scotland’s relationship to the world of work through the lens of some of its great thinkers, inventors and workers who built an empire and made our place in the world.

Today, the world itself is in a “Shift,” so how might Scotland’s thinkers, inventors and workers shape its future in a time of dramatic global change?

A National Theatre of Scotland team of artists will work with Culture NL arts, venues and heritage teams, museums and libraries, to go to the heart of communities throughout North Lanarkshire and ask their people to respond to the question, “What are we doing with our lives? What might we do with our future?”

Taking these collected thoughts, ideas and stories, participants will collaborate with National Theatre of Scotland artists and technicians and Culture NL teams towards the creation of a new, large scale, site-specific piece of theatre, to be performed in March 2018.

National Theatre of Scotland associate director Simon Sharkey will direct the project, with a creative team including composer and sound designer Michael John McCarthy, and video designer Tim Reid.

Mr Sharkey, who previously worked for Motherwell District Council and Cum,bernauld Theatre, said: “Having spent a large part of my career working in North Lanarkshire I am terrifically excited about returning there to work with Culture NL and North Lanarkshire Council, and to connect with the communities and artists in the area, as we explore these life-changing issues and create something truly special.”

Local community engagement begins September 2017.

For further information on how to get involved e-mail Shift producer {mailto:|karen Allan|KA}