Canadian comic returning to Motherwell for some Therapy

Canadian comedian Stewart Francis
Canadian comedian Stewart Francis

The Therapy Room will welcome back comedian Stewart Francis to Motherwell Concert Hall on Saturday, August 12.

A regular on Mock the Week, the Canadian is famed for his dead-pan, one-liners. If last year’s show is anything to go by, then you are in for a treat!

Stewart demonstrated his wit as he joined the Times & Speaker for a question and answer session.

When did you first realise you were funny and did you ever think you could make a career out of it?

Stewart Francis: “I first realised I was funny when I once made my wife laugh so hard she spit milk onto our daughter at the breakfast table. I knew that I couldn’t make a career out of it as my wife, soon after, stopped drinking milk and our daughter moved to Portugal.”

What makes you laugh?

SF: “Donald Trump’s hair. Oh, and his policies.”

Have you ever had a hostile audience?

SF: “I once did a gig at the Dignitas Clinic. I didn’t think I’d get out alive.”

How do you deal with hecklers?

SF: “I just say to them ‘mom, dad, please go home’”

Who’s your own personal favourite comedian/comedy hero?

SF: “Rula Lenska”

Has the Internet been a good or bad thing for live comedy?

SF: “It’s bad for live comedy but a great place to sell my Toby Jugs (£39.99+ £4.50 p&p).”

Do you feel the pressure to always be funny? Or can you switch off?

SF: “Yes, I do feel the pressure to always be funny, and no, I can’t switch it off. Even as I answer this question, my trousers are at my ankles.”

Do you go to many gigs by other comedians? Which are your personal favourites?

SF: “I don’t go to many gigs. Hell, I haven’t even been to some of mine.”

What’s been your career highlight to date?

SF: “Meeting Josh Widdicombe”

Intimate clubs or massive arenas – which is best for comedy?

SF: “I find intimate arenas best for comedy. Hard to find, but when you do ... heaven.”

Stewart will the joined on the night by three other comedians who have still to be announced.

The show starts at 8pm and tickets costing £20 are available by calling 01698 403120 or visiting