Country singer is becoming a capital success

Paul Carella
Paul Carella

Bellshill musician Paul Carella was a late bloomer, but is now quickly making up for lost time as he takes the country scene by storm.

Paul was 16 before he picked up a guitar, but proved to have an uncanny ability and after doing working in pubs and open mics spots around Glasgow in 2009 he moved to London.

He said: “It certainly wasn’t the case from a young age that I was desperate to be a musician, I didn’t even play guitar until I was 16.

“However, one night I decided to do a couple of sings at an open mic night and I really got a taste for performing.

“I decided that if I was gonna do it properly I had to be in London so I decided to take the plunge and after following the same route of open mics and pubs I had done in Glasgow I started to make a bit of a name for myself.”

Paul’s reputation has grown so much he was invited to tour Nashville with Alan Price of The Animals and award-winning LA singer/songwriter Steve Carlson and also supported Alabama 3 when they appeared in London earlier this year.

Paul said: “Performing in Nashville was such an amazing experience and I can’t wait to get back there in the near future.

“It’s probably a bit unusual for a guy from Bellshill to be performing country music, or more accurately Americana, but it’s the music that I regularly heard at home and it went down really well over there.

“Indeed, it wasn’t until I learned a Johnny Cash song that a lightbulb went off in my head and I really fell in love with playing music.”

Paul has just released his new EP Dead Town on iTunes and hopes to be home soon.

He said: “I think Dead Town is the best thing I have ever written and I prefer EPs to albums as you can just focus on a few songs.

“I’m only touring down south and over to Belfast, but hopefully I’ll get to return to Glasgow in the near future.”