Colette has prescription for success

Colette has drawn on experience of her previous career for new book.
Colette has drawn on experience of her previous career for new book.

Pharmacist turned clairvoyant turned author Colette Brown has released another novel to acclaim.

No stranger to readers of the Times & Speaker, our former columnist started dabbling in fiction back in 2014, and has penned several books.

The latest, The Prescription, sees Colette draw on her experiences of her past career.

She explains: “I know about pharmacy, and you should write about what you know, so I based The Prescription in a Glasgow pharmacy and the main character, Gerry, is a young female pharmacist.”

Though perhaps best known in Lanarkshire as a clairvoyant and tarot reader, with published work now in both the fiction and non-fiction genres, it seems writing has also been in Colette’s blood.

She says: “I enjoyed writing non-fiction but decided in 2014 to try my hand at fiction.

“My first novel, Fortune Killer, was a murder mystery book with magick, spirit guides, hocus pocus and The First Minister in it!

“When I came to write another novel, I wanted to go away from spirituality completely and simply write a love story.

“I have seven books out now. Writing is like breathing to me. I simply have to do it.”

Many of our readers will recall Colette’s clairvoyancy column, first published in the Lanarkshire Extra and subsequently in the Times & Speaker, as well as our sister paper, the Cumbernauld News.

With so much life experience to draw upon, it’s no wonder Colette’s efforts are receiving rave reviews online. For the full article, see this week’s Times & Speaker - out on Wednesday.