Charlie is more than just a Day Tripper to Motherwell

Charlie Landsborough looks out over his home town
Charlie Landsborough looks out over his home town

Liverpudlian folk singer Charlie Landsborough admits he was worried he might be disowned by his home town for covering The Beatles.

Charlie returns to Motherwell Concert Hall on Saturday, October 11, and to coincide with his current UK tour has released ‘Here, There and Everywhere’, an album full of The Beatles’ most beloved tracks.

In addition with 2014 being the 20th anniversary of Charlie’s signature track ‘What Colour Is The Wind’ his first ten albums are being remastered for a new anthology set.

Charlie said: “The Beatles album wasn’t my idea, the record company asked me to do it and being from Liverpool I was rather apprehensive, I was worried people would say ‘who does he think he is’.

“But I needn’t have worried, it was a joy to be able to perform tracks by three of the greatest songwriters ever and the response has been wonderful.

“A lot of people already have some of the albums, but for people who’ve only discovered me recently the anthology will be a way to get acquainted with my back catalogue.”

Charlie remains as busy as ever, even if some venues aren’t quite the theatres and concert halls he’s used to.

He said: “In Australia we were taken out to the middle of nowhere to this shack, I don’t even know where we were and was having some doubts, but the place proved to be packed.

“It was mostly ex-pat Scots and we’d a brilliant night, they all thought I was really brave as there was a massive spider hanging off my microphone for the whole set.

“I’ll be honest I hadn’t noticed it or they might have seen a different side of me, however it was great to play for a Scots audience and as ever I look forward to playing for another one next month in Motherwell.”

The show starts at 7.30pm and tickets costing £18.50 (£17.50 concession) are available by calling 01698 403 120 or visit NLC entertainment