Celebrating a recording of Scottish life

North Lanarkshire Heritage Centre
North Lanarkshire Heritage Centre

North Lanarkshire Heritage Centre in Motherwell is the venue for a day of screenings to celebrate World Home Movie Day on Friday.

Screenings take place from 11am-1pm and 2-4pm, with each show including examples of home movies depicting Scottish life, followed by a Q&A session, there will also be a display of cine-film equipment.

Event host Chris O’Kane, Scottish co-ordinator for the Projected Picture Trust, said: “All around the world, in boxes, cupboards, lofts and drawers, lie rolls of cine film – home movies of family life and events recorded over the past 90 years.

“As time goes on these precious films fall to the perils of time and as the people who made them pass on, valuable information is lost to the world.

“Many home movies are just thrown away because descendants of the makers don’t know what to do with them, as their old projectors are obsolete.

“However, all is not lost and on Home Movie Day, people are being encouraged to bring out those precious memories and share them with a wider audience.”

Standard 8mm, 16mm, Super 8, VHS and DVD formats can be accommodated and anyone with home movies is invited to call the heritage centre on 01698 274590 for further information, or to drop them off for possible screening on the day.

Admission is free, but it is advisable to call the centre to reserve places.