Basil Brush brings new show to Motherwell

Basil Brush and Mr Stephen bring their brand new show to Motherwell in July.
Basil Brush and Mr Stephen bring their brand new show to Motherwell in July.

Light entertainment legend Basil Brush admits he enjoys doing his bit for the environment and is well known as a very keen recycler.

Basil and sidekick Mr Stephen are on the road with the Full On Fox Tour 2015 which brings The Basil Brush Show to Motherwell Theatre next month.

Basil has been delighting audiences for over 50 years since he first appeared in the Three Scampies in 1963.

In 1968 he got his own television series and The Basil Brush Show ran until 1980, during this time he also recorded two albums and even had his own comic book.

In 2002 The Basil Brush Show made a comeback on CBBC running for 78 episodes until he was offered presenting jobs, first on Swap Shop and then Blue Peter.

After doing that for a year he has once again moved with the times and in February launched his own YouTube channel which presents a brand new sketch every week.

Basil says he is delighted to be introducing himself to a whole new generation.

He said: “A lot of people still remember me from being on television throughout the 1970s with the likes of Mr Roy and Mr Derek.

“However, there is now generations out there who are completely unaware of that time in my life.

“I was on CBBC from 2002-2014 so there are children from the start of that era who are now in their teens or early 20s who are coming along to shows.

“There are also the boys and girls today who saw reruns of The Basil Brush Show or me presenting Swap Shop Blue Peter recently or are now watching my YouTube channel so the audience keeps changing.

“When someone said we were going to launch off a digital platform, I thought I was going to be sent on a one-way passage to Mars ... Boom! Boom!

“The good thing about an ever changing audience is that I can still crack jokes that might be old to parents or grandparents, but children have never heard them before.

“I like to think on it as recycling, I am very environmentally conscious fox ... Boom! Boom!

“The boys and girls get all the jokes, but like a pantomime, we have jokes on many levels – like a multi-storey car park.

“We want to fill the theatres with whole families. mums and dads can come to the shows with boys and girls and enjoy it just as much.”

Basil is delighted to be teaming up with Mr Stephen again and promises (or warns about)a show in four dimensions.

He said: “I worked with Mr Stephen from 2002-2008 so it’s great to be back on the road with him again.

“We get on great, which is just as well as we share a car, it’s Rolls Canhardly, it rolls downhill and can hardly get up them ... Boom! Boom!

“In total we are doing 108 dates and when I heard that I said, ‘That’s a bit full on’ so they decided it was the perfect name for the tour.

“We have put together a great show, we have a gigantic video screen that serves as a portal to different adventures, we might go into outer space, or back in time or to a haunted house.

“It is a complete 4D experience, some people may end up with a pie in the face and some are definitely going to get wet.

“After the show the audience can come and meet us, we love meeting the fans and I do enjoy being stroked.”

Despite being a showbusiness icon for over 50 years Basil looks younger today then at the start of his career, so what’s his secret.

Basil said: “The best thing you can do to hide the appearance of aging is to grow fur, it’s marvellous for hiding wrinkles.”

While other showbusiness legends like Bruce Forsyth, Paul McCartney and Andrew Lloyd Webber have received knighthoods for their services to the arts, there has been no such honour for Basil and he admits he wouldn’t mind being Sir Basil of Brush.

He said: “I have been in showbusiness for a long time and seen a number of my contemporaries being given knighthoods so it is something I have thought about.

“The only slight problem I see is that if they gave me one in December then I’d be the shortest knight of the year ... Boom! Boom!”

The Basil Brush Show will be at Motherwell Theatre on Thursday, July 30, with performances at 11am and 2.30pm.

Tickets costing £14 (£12 concessions) are available by calling 01698 403120 or visiting Culture NL