Author Graeme all set for Hollywood

Graeme Simsion (right) meets fan Alan Smith during his appearance at Motherwell Library.
Graeme Simsion (right) meets fan Alan Smith during his appearance at Motherwell Library.
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Best selling novelist Graeme Simsion was at Motherwell Library last week as he met with fans of his book The Rosie Project.

The Australian’s journey from IT consultant to novelist kept the audience laughing and he admits to being far from the reclusive author.

Graeme said: “A lot of authors don’t enjoy this part of the job and I understand that because they want to be writing, but for me it’s a great chance to get out and meet people and get feedback.

“They say if you want to write comedy the best thing to do is be a stand-up comedian and find out what works .

“I’m not brave enough for that, but standing up and telling a few stories you get a feeling of it.

“You want to entertain people, just as I tried to do with the book, and if they are laughing then they are engaged.”

The Rosie Project follows genetics professor Don Tillman who tries to use science in order to find the ideal wife.

A sequel was submitted to publishers last week and is due for release later in the year, but it may be some time before Don returns after that.

He said: “I may leave Don alone and do two or three other books and then return to Don later in his life, perhaps in five to seven years, so there will be a while between books two and three if there is a book three.”

Originally written as a screenplay, The Rosie Project has come full circle as Sony optioned the movie rights, which Graeme will adapt himself.

However, he won’t be upset if Hollywood ends up uprooting Don from Australia.

Graeme said: “I’d love to see it on the big screen, and want to be surprised by the casting of Don so someone can make the part their own.

“This is not a story about place, it’s a story about a person, it could be set in South Korea, but the practicalities of filmmaking mean it will probably be a university town in America.”