Caroline puts her best foot forward to be dancing queen

Caroline gets in some practice whenever she can
Caroline gets in some practice whenever she can

Carfin woman Caroline Wardrope is swapping her pots and pans for a pair of dancing shoes.

Caroline became one of the most beloved contestants in the history of Channel 4 show Come Dine With Me when she appeared in 2012 with her infectious laugh earning her the nickname ‘Wee Babs from Carfin’ a nod to Carry On star Barbara Windsor.

Over the last three years Caroline and her husband, Brian, have supported the annual ball in aid of Maggie’s Centres and in August she was asked to participate in this weekend’s Just Dance event at the Crowne Plaza in Glasgow in aid of the charity.

For the last 10 weeks Caroline has been learning the rumba with Portuguese dance partner Frederico Ribeiro and on Saturday night they will be transformed into Belle and Beast to dance to the title track to the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast.

Caroline said: “I have been travelling through to Edinburgh three days a week and going into Glasgow another couple of day for training.

“Frederico has been a gift from God, he’s just amazing. He probably should be on Strictly Come dancing, he’s that good, and he must have the patience of a saint to have worked with me for all these weeks.”

Caroline admits that it isn’t just when she is with Frederico she is practising her moves.

She said: “I have the Beauty and the Beast song as my ringtone and I set it off and go through the moves in the head. When I’m at home I have my dance shoes on and I’m always practising my steps. I think it’s driving Brian up the wall, but I want to give 110 per cent.

“I have so many mixed emotions about performing in front of 600 people of Saturday. I’m so excited, but at the same time my bones are rattling.

“I was watching Strictly at the weekend and one of the contestants was doing the rumba. It wasn’t the same routine as we are doing, but there are a lot of similar steps, and I was so nervous watching them I burst into tears.”

Caroline and Frederico would love to win the event, but she knows the charity is the most important thing.

Caroline said: “It would be great to win, but the most important thing is raising lots of money for a wonderful cause.

“This experience has really opened my eyes to the work they do and I will always give them all the support I can.”