World kickboxing champ says son’s operation was motivation

Jamie McGinnis relaxes in hospital
Jamie McGinnis relaxes in hospital

New Stevenston kickboxer Jamie McGinnis was determined to become a world champion for his sick son, despite a horrific leg injury.

A week before Jamie faced Zltko Traichov Gadzchev from Portugal for the world amateur lightweight crown, 15-month-old Charlie was rushed to Yorkhill for a kidney operation.

Jamie said: “We’d known about Charlie’s condition since his 20-week scan, but just a week before the fight he was called in so it was fair to say my head was a bit muddled.

“Of course things then got worse when I damaged the ligaments and tendons in my leg, which meant a couple of times I fell over as I couldn’t put any weight on it.

“I told my corner I was in trouble, but my brother Marc was just on at me to win for Charlie, which was motivation enough.

“I actually lost a point a round as I was unable to kick, but Gadzchev never took advantage, and thankfully I was able to get through it.”

Charlie is expected to be out of hospital later this week, at which point it will be Jamie’s turn.

He said: “Happily everything seems to have gone well and Charlie is on the mend.

“It has actually nice being at Yorkhill and being able to visit some of the other kids there.

“Many of them are wrestling and fighting fans, so enjoyed seeing my belt, and it’s good brighten someone’s day.

“I am currently on crutches, but until the swelling is down we won’t know exactly what is wrong.

“However, there seems little question I will need surgery and once Charlie is able to go home I can worry about that.”

Jamie would like to thank sponsors Curtis Installations and Morton’s Rolls for their support.