Uddingston TAGB club enjoys Scottish success

Members of Uddingston TAGB Tae Kwon Do Club with their Scottish championship medals
Members of Uddingston TAGB Tae Kwon Do Club with their Scottish championship medals

Members of the Uddingston TAGB Tae-Kwon Do club had plenty to celebrate when they took part in the recent national championships.

The club returned from the Scottish closed championships with no fewer than 41 medals, spread among 26 competitiors.

All 24 TAGB clubs from Scotland came together to compete in the event which was held at Wishaw Sports Centre.

In the sparring category gold medals went to Michael McGraw, Jodi Smith, Lucy Nugent and Derek Buchannan.

Silver sparring medals were won by Zak Maxwell, Lucy Buchannan, Erin Belvins, Gillian McWilliams, Jon Maxwell and Josh Maxwell and bronze medals went to Anna McWilliams and Louisa Gilluley,

In the patterns discipline gold was struck by Michael McGraw, Nicole Gilluley and Sheelagh Peacock.

Silver medals went to Jodi Smith, Beth Izat and Anna McWilliams and bronze medals were won by Amie Peacock and Gillian McWilliams.

And the club also had a number of medalists in the teams events.

Gold medals were won by Zak Maxwell, Mya Munro, Beth Izat, Lucy Nugent, Chloe Campbell, Jon Maxwell, Josh Maxwell and Dominic McCauley, silver medals were lifted by Michael McGraw, Jodi Smith, Karina Radigan, Frances McCauley, Anna McWilliams, Louisa Gilluley and Amie Peacock and bronze medals were won by Scott McWilliams, Euan Corrigan, Michael McGraw, Aiden McCauley, James Wynn, Rory Kerr.

Instructor Kirsty Izat said “I am thrilled and very proud of all the students who took part in these championships.

“It was very much a team effort all the students and parents were there to support each other, not just at the tournament, but in the lead up to it through all the extra training sessions.

“They really are a credit to each other and the club I am a very proud instructor.”

The club’s success at Wishaw was the latest in a series of fine performances at a variety of competitions and gradings.

Kirsty, a fourth degree black belt, and her students train at Uddingston Sports Centre on Monday and Wednesday nights.

The club runs classes for tots, juniors and adults and on Thursday nights it also runs an assisted learning class for kids who need more support.

Anyone who would like further information on the club should call Kirsty on 077 3333 7545 or visit www.uddingstontagb.com.

The club can also be found on Facebook – Uddingston Tae kwon-do (TAGB).

The first lesson is free and there is no monthly contract.