Hostile Gym Strongwoman Elsa Bissett excelled in just her second competition!

Novice champion Elsa Bissett (right) is pictured with intermediate winner Katie Mitchell (Submitted pic)
Novice champion Elsa Bissett (right) is pictured with intermediate winner Katie Mitchell (Submitted pic)

The owner of Motherwell’s Hostile Strength and Conditioning gym watched with pride as club stalwarts excelled at this month’s Lanarkshire’s Strongest Woman.

Martin Lennox first had cause to cheer when Hostile student Elsa Bissett landed the Novice crown at her home gym after winning three of the five events and recording high finishes in the other two.

Martin told the Motherwell Times: “Throughout the full day Elsa was really consistent and ran away with it.

“From winning the first round she was always in the lead. It was only her second competition but she beasted it.

“I have been working with Elsa for 14 weeks and she has been totally transformed in that time.”

Elsa supplemented wins in the dead lift, farmer’s walk and atlas stones rounds with high finishes in the overhead press and loading events.

And there was further glory for Hostile as Motherwell’s Jeyne Simpson – who trains under Caitlin Reily – finished runner-up in the Novice class. Her highlight was winning the loading category.

The intermediate category featured a dramatic finish as a late collapse by Hostile’s Gillian Maitland saw her relinquish a five-point lead with two events remaining.

She ended up being overtaken by Katie Mitchell of York and Hostile member Kim Best, of Edinburgh. Katie won on countback after they both finished on 26 points.

The event was sponsored by Motherwell business Strength Shop, which provided competitors with T-shirts on the day.

“The athletes and competition organisers were thrilled and over the moon with this gesture by Strength Shop and their willingness to help,” Martin added.

“Hostile’s partnership with them is two Motherwell businesses coming together for the benefit of the town.”

Strength Shop is also sponsoring Lanarkshire’s Strongest Man at Hostile Gym from 11am this Saturday, November 3.

There will be six events, with 27 men taking part.