Viewpark fighters pick up six pack of medals

Viewpark's medal winners
Viewpark's medal winners
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Fighters from Viewpark ABC achieved a perfect six at the recent Western District boxing championships.

The club entered a total of six boxers for the competition - and came away with six medals.

Daniel Allan took gold in the 1998 63kg class after coming through a quarter-final against Liam Henry of Clydebank ABC, a semi-final against William McLean of Northwest ABC and the final against Nathan Bryden of Doonhamers ABC.

Craig Fox took gold in the 1998 66kg class after defeating Alistair Murray of Doonhamers ABC in the semi-final

and Jordan Stewart of Larkfield ABC in the final.

Barry Aikman took home silver in the 1997 52kg class, losing out to Matthew Middleton of Forgewood ABC in a straight final.

Darren Williamson took home silver in the 2000 40kg class after facing William Kerr of Hamilton ABC in a straight final while Rhys Gray also struck silver in the 2000 63kg class, losing out to Lewis Johnstone of Cleland ABC.

And the medal haul was completed by Gary Lee Smith who also won silver in the 2000 46kg class.

Another Viewpark fighter, David Sexton, took part in the Scottish Senior Championship where he fought and won his quarter-final to go on to the semi-finals.