Sean ready for return

Sean Welsh
Sean Welsh

Motherwell boxer Sean Welsh says he has regained his love for the sport as he prepares to step in the ring for the first time in ten years at the Alona Hotel on Friday.

A former West District champion and Scottish finalist from his days at Forgewood ABC, Welsh (24) will take on Maltese opposition.

He said: “I grew tired of boxing when I was 14, but I started going to Fighting Scots Gym to get fit and having seen me work Frank Gilluley asked me to be on the card.

“The skills never leave you it is just about fitness and I am feeling good now and really enjoying being involved in the sport again after all this time.

“I understand my opponent boxes regularly so I won’t underestimate him, but I am confident he won’t have my skills and if it goes well I’d love to be on the next show.”