Pam receives trophy number 20 as Colville Park ladies end year in style

Colville Park Golf Club ladies' section annual dinner and prizegiving
Colville Park Golf Club ladies' section annual dinner and prizegiving
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Members of Colville Park Golf Club’s ladies’ sections rounded off their year in style with their annual dinner and presentation of prizes.

Pride of place went to Pam Connacher who took the club championship trophy for a remarkable 20th time.

Trophy winners were -

Club championship - P Connacher, runner-up C Hunter.

Bronze championship - Y Moonie, runner-up D Anderson. Handicap championship - K Diamond.

Joe Downes Quaich (Matchplay Championship) - F Williamson, runner-up C Hunter.

Strathclyde Ladies’ Golf League 2014 - Colville Park.

Jubilee Trophy - K Williamson, runner-up K Diamond. Redpath Trophy - A Walker, runner-up V McKune.

Glasgow Fair Trophy - F Williamson. Round 1 - E Linn, Round 2 - Y Moonie.

White Trophy - K Williamson & Y Moonie.

Two Score Year and Ten Trophy - H Walsh. Simpson Salver - A Caldwell. Cathie Bain Trophy - C Hunter.

Colville Cup - M Lynn. Diamond Jubilee Trophy - C Rowan. CIU Rosebowl - K Diamond. Seniors Trophy - C Reid.

Committee Shield - I Higgins, runner-up A Caldwell.

Captain’s Prize - A Caldwell & C Rowan, runners-up C Bain & A Hurrell.

Ben Hetherington Texas Scramble - C Hunter, K Hamilton & M Lynn.

Macmillan Cancer Medal - K Diamond. Golf Foundation Medal - C Reid.

Barnardo’s Medal - K Diamond. Red Cross Ringer - F Williamson.

Coronation Foursomes - C Rowan & A Caldwell.

Monthly Medals: April - silver E Kirk, bronze V McKune; May - silver K Diamond, bronze D Anderson; June - silver K Diamond, bronze H Walsh; July - silver M Tilley, bronze H Walsh; August - silver E Kirk, bronze J Wilson; September - silver A Walker, bronze J Wilson.

Breakthrough Cancer Brooch - J Wilson.

Medal Winners Final - silver K Diamond, bronze J Wilson.

Silver Brooch - I Higgins.

Bronze Brooch - H Walsh.

Birdie Tree - F Williamson.

Jamieson Trophy - V McKune & D McKune.