More injury woe for McGinnis

Jamie McGinnis
Jamie McGinnis

New Stevenston kickboxer Jamie McGinnis is hopeful an MRI scan will show he does not need surgery after re-injuring his knee.

McGinnis was due to step back in the ring for the first time since tearing his ACL last year in a boxing match in Wishaw last Saturday.

However, during training he tweaked his knee to such a degree it filled with fluid putting him back on crutches and in a brace.

He said: “It’s frustrating to say the least, everything seemed to be fine, my knee felt good and I was looking forward to getting back in action.

“I’m really not sure what I did, during all my running it had felt fine and I’ve been told if there was a weakness in my it would have shown up then.

“I knew when I was in the gym I’d hurt it a little bit, but it seemed okay, however the next morning it had come up like a balloon.

“Hopefully it is just a strain or something and I won’t require surgery, but we’ll just need to wait for the MRI results.

“I was really disappointed as I felt I let people down on Saturday as there had been a lot of promotion around my comeback, but at the moment I am still determined to return to kickboxing in October.”

Meanwhile, McGinnis has been granted a change of use by North Lanarkshire Council to open his own gym.

He said: “I hoped to be back fighting and getting the gym ready, but it’s better to have some good news than none at all.”