Butcher faces up to a big challenge

Iain Butcher
Iain Butcher
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Motherwell boxer Iain Butcher is set for a rematch with British and Commonwealth flyweight champion Kevin Satchell.

But his current focus is to defeat Bulgarian Valentin Marinov at Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility on Friday, February 28.

Satchell was ordered to defend his titles against Butcher last week, with the purse bids to be in for March 12 and the fight itself to take place before the end of May.

However, with Butcher moving up three weight divisions to take on Martinov, that bout has his full attention.

He said: “Once the fight is over I can then sit down with my manager Paul Graham and see if we can put the money together to bring Satchell up here.

“However, before that I have to deal with Martinov and it’s the first time in a fight I’ll be going into the ring against someone so much bigger, I’m used to it in sparring, but this is a different proposition.

“He has said he should get down to 8st 10lb, which is quite a bite heavier than flyweight and looking at tapes of him he is a tall, broad shouldered and a bit wild, so what he lacks in technique he make up with in size so I’ll need to be on my guard throughout as he could be dangerous.

“The training camp has been going well, it has more been about strength and conditioning rather than my boxing technique this time around and I haven’t been on my diet as much as I don’t have to cut weight.

“I have actually been eating larger portions than usual, but proper food in order to be in good shape while cutting out stuff like chocolate.”

Butcher was offered a defence of his WBO European flyweight title, but having been out of the ring for four months turned it down.

He said: “I haven’t been in the ring since October and then I had taken some time off with becoming a dad and then Christmas and New Year so with my team we decided it was better to have this fight and shake off some of the rust rather than going straight into a title defence.”

Butcher would like to thank his sponsors C&C MOT Services, RBE Fightwear and Physical Nutrition.