Brother backs Iain to be world champ

Iain Butcher hugs brother Eddie.
Iain Butcher hugs brother Eddie.
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Eddie Butcher has backed his brother Iain to move on from winning a European title to truly make a mark on the international stage.

Eddie trained Iain for the fight and says they wanted to ensure there was no need for the judges to make their opinion known after the debacle in Liverpool.

He said: “I am delighted for Iain, I thought he deserved a British title in July, so he’s at least got something, a reward for all the hard work he has put in.

“The fight was 10 rounds, but we trained for 12 hard rounds, as the game plan wasn’t to knock him out, but it was certainly something we were looking for if the opportunity arose as we didn’t want to leave anything to chance.

“Even after that British title fight in Liverpool you can’t go in worried you’re going to be robbed or the decision is going to go against you if it’s tight.

“Iain only had three knockouts on his record before Friday, but he is a big puncher and is learning to use his power properly, as we saw and Gabor Molnor felt.

“He’s 21 now and in four of five years time I would think he will certainly go beyond European level.

“You don’t want to get too ambitious and start talking about world titles, but I believe he has a world title in him. I really do.”

Eddie also thanked Iain’s main sponsor for affording them the opportunity to be able to enjoy such occasions.

He said: “C&C MOT and Service Centre have been behind him for years, even before the Commonwealth Games, and it is thanks to the money they put in that nights like that can happen.

“The fan base is growing all the time and the people of Motherwell are really starting to get behind Iain so hopefully we can all take this journey together.”

Keir Hardie ABC head trainer Barry Clark took Iain under his wing at an early age and was thrilled to see his young ’star’ shine.

He said: “It’s difficult to put into words how I am feeling, I am over the moon and if anyone deserved it, it’s him.

“I knew when I started training him that he had this in him, he was unlucky at the Commonwealth Games and should be the British Champion, but at least he is now a WBO champion.

“Iain is brilliant with all the kid at the club and it has to have a positive effect for not just our club but for boxing in general and hopefully make kids interested in the sport again.

“Iain has now put four guys away so he’s packing, he’s a big, strong flyweight and if had a boy who was a flyweight I wouldn’t want to fight him, but thankfully Iain is ours.

“The boy is a star on the rise and now everyone else is finding out what we have known for years.”