London win puts Stephanie back on track to box at Glasgow 2014

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After suffering a setback in losing her Scottish title in March, the two-time flyweight champion (51kg) of Newarthill ABC is back on track for next year’s Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Stephanie Kernachan travelled to the Haringey Box Cup in London at the weekend, in search of a win on the international stage.

With a lack of opponents at her natural weight class, Kernachan was forced to step up to bantamweight (54kg) to face Jenna O’Reilly from Bodyshots ABC, the five-time ABA champion, in the final.

An untidy first round saw Kernachan out of her comfort zone with the aggressive and hard swinging O’Reilly. Kernachan found it hard to find her stride in this round, mostly blocking the wild shots of her opponent and evading her blows by staying on the back foot.

Finding her momentum in the second round, Kernachan quickly adapted to the come-forward style of O’Reilly, opening up the guard of the English boxer and putting points on the board, using effective combination punching.

Having punched herself out in the second round, O’Reilly was unable to match Kernachan’s punches, as her superior fitness and desire for the gold shone through.

A stiff jab, right hook, jab combination in the third round left O’Reilly reeling, and Kernachan took advantage of her opponent’s fatigued state and finished the bout strongly, securing the gold medal with a majority points decision.

Back to her winning ways, Steph is now more determined than ever to box her way into the ring in Glasgow 2014.

Stephanie would like to thank her coach Stevie Newns, the lads at Newarthill ABC and also her sponsor Morton’s Rolls for their continued support over the past year.